Put simply, Teleprotection systems monitor transmission line conditions and coordinate tripping to quickly isolate faults.

Dewar Electronics is a manufacturer of teleprotection equipment providing a secure and dependable communication channel for the operation of protection systems that enable rapid and selective detection and isolation of faults in the electrical power distribution system. Dewar have been designing and manufacturing teleprotection equipment in Australia for over 40 years.

Dewar provide 3U and 1U rack mount systems with many options ranging from G.703, C37.94 and Serial interfacing with microwave link interfaces.

Customers can order various configurations depending on your requirements. Have a special request? Contact us today with your enquiry.

DM1400 Teleprotection Terminal –  Reliability, Security & Dependability

The Dm1400 provides a secure and dependable communication channel for the operation of protection systems that enable rapid and selective detection and isolation of faults in the electrical power distribution system.



  • Slimline 1U terminal
  • IEEE C37.94 or G703 – point to point or via multiplexer
  • Simple to use GUI
  • Extremely cost effective



The DM760 – Simple, speedy conversion of G.703 to C37.94 over long distances. 

The DM760 Fibre converter, G.703 to C37.94 is intended for connecting Teleprotection equipment to multiplexers at substations. 

The unit directly connects protection equipment and/or multiplexers, or microwave links to use C37.94 to interconnect with equipment that only supports G.703 interfaces.  




The simple 1U high teleprotection system; easy to install with minimal set up.

Dewar are proud to introduce the DM1350 system to their teleprotection range.

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Oil & Gas
Power Substations
Defence & Transportation

DM1300 – The 1U high teleprotection unit saving you space in your substation.

​The Dewar DM1300 Teleprotection unit is Australian designed and manufactured. It is IEEE C37.94 protocol compliant which can be used in a point to point configuration or via a multi-plexer.

Designed for short or long distances it allows for blocking, permissive, direct tripping and many other applications.

Economical on space and more importantly priced, the DM1300 is quite simple to connect and use.

An advantage with purchasing Dewar product is it can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements.

Dewar is a small, family owned Australian company that has been manufacturing industrial electronics for 50 years. This means we have the expertise and adaptability to easily change our production line to suit your requirements and offer local support.



  • 1U high rack mount
  • GUI for easy installation and configuration (“DM1200 Talk”)
  • IEEE C37.94 protocol compliance
  • Front mount LCD screen (no keypad) 20 character, 4 line
  • Front mounted USB port for system configuration
  • Real-time synchronisation by GPS (optional)
  • User configurable trip inputs (48V, 110V, 240V)
  • Alarm and event loggings
  • Real-time clock with battery back-up
  • User swappable power supply modules (48V, 110V, 240V)
  • Removable C37.94 interface modules for support single and multimode operation
  • For substation protection, solar and windfarm monitoring and protection

The DM1200, Dewar’s flag ship product, has been the industry standard for Teleprotection Terminals for over 30 years. It features in transmission installations with every major power authority in Australia and New Zealand. It’s simple but elegant design has made it the favourite of network engineers. It is the product that Dewar Electronics has built its enviable reputation on.

​The Dewar DM1200 Teleprotection unit now features a fully compliant C37.94 optical interface. Options available are 850 Nm multi-mode, 1310 Nm multi mode and single mode and 1550 Nm single mode.
As part of the fibre optic upgrade Dewar has incorporated a LAN port which allows users to configure the DM1200 remotely via their network. Dewar are also pleased to release a new version of the DM1200 Talk configuration software which incorporates mouse driven commands, making it much easier to configure a DM1200 unit.​

The DM1200 Teleprotection Terminal is compatible with:

G.703 Digital signals – Single mode and multi-mode fibre optics available with the addition of an M750 interface terminal
RS422 digital
VF tone
​C37.94 – Single mode and multi-mode fibre optics available


The ZIV (Spain) TPU universal teleprotection terminal operates in both Digital and Analogue channels, can be configured to operate as two independent teleprotection terminals in single shelf.

Compatible with IEC 61850 standard.

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