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Protection, Control and Monitoring IED’s

The new generation of Monitoring, Protection, Control & Communication IEDs for HV & MX Systems.

Complete and reliable solutions for power transmission and distribution systems

A wide range of powerful IEDs managed by one common user-friendly tool.

Designed to meet the most demanding requirements in each application field:

  • HV Lines
  • Transformers
  • Busbars and breakers
  • Feeders
  • Motors
  • Bay control applications
  • Grid automation

Monitoring and Control for HV & MV Power Systems

Real time access to hardwired plant data, intelligent IEDs, networked IEC 61850 devices and smart meters.

Ideally suited for new substations or upgrade and integration of existing substations.


  • Modular Gateway/RTU (19″rack x 4U/ 2U)
  • Two redundant hot-swappable power supplies
  • 2 multipurpose (independent or redundant) CPUs with 4 Ethernet port &
  • 10 serial ports
  • Extra 2 slots available for additional CPUs or I/Os modules
  • Convenient display, control buttons and 9 programmable LEDs

Relays for HV Power Systems

Overcurrent Multifunction + control (BCPU)
Transformer differential + distance protection
Line differential + distance protection

  • Hardware options configurable with software functions
  • Up to 40 analog inputs for Voltage or Current
  • Possibility to protect two feeders with only one device
  • Up to 180 digit inputs and 70 digital outputs
  • Transducer (mA/mV) input cards available
  • Communications protocols: DNP3, MODBUS, IEC61850 (Ed. 1 & 2)
  • Configurable HMI (optional)
  • Time synchronization: IRIG-B, 1588 & SNTP
  • Redundancy protocols: PRP, HSR, RSTP
  • Rach & Flush mounting
  • Cybersecure – Under IEC62351 and NERC CIP

Compact Multifunction Protection for MV Power Systems & Industry

Protection systems for Grounded or Ungrounded schemes

  • Up to 8 Analog inputs & 24 Digital I/Os
  • 8 programmable LEDs
  • Convenient display and control buttons
  • Multi-protocol: IEC61850. DNP3 & MODBUS

  • MV feeders
  • Machine bays
  • Back-up in HV lines

Powerful built-in control logic modulere – Under IEC62351 and NERC CIP

Self-powered relay for Industry and Utility Secondary Substations

Multifunction Overcurrent and Earth-Fault protection.

Energized either directly from main CT’s, AC auxiliary voltage or through the USB front port.

  • Ring Main Units (RMUs) in industrial and Secondary Substations
  • Retrofitting projects
  • Back-up in HV/MV transformers

IEC 61850 Ethernet Switch for Electrical Substations

Flexibility in optical fiber ports for ​transmitting ​services from distribution substations

  • Configurable priority for each port
  • QoS features to identify critical services
  • Advanced RSTP implementation
  • Local and remote management through a console or a built-in web server (HTTP/HTTPS), SSH and Telnet server
  • SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 agent
  • GARP/GMRP, DHCP, NTP, VRRP, management access with TACACS+ and client equipment access control with RADIUS
  • IGMP snooping, Q-in-Q operation (double-tagged) Link aggregation by LAG function (static)
  • Compact 19″/1 s.u. chasis
  • Complies with IEEE 1613 & IEC
  • 61850-3 standards
  • Brings the necessary capabilities to implement the automation of Electrical
  • Substations according to the IEC 61850 standard
  • Supports IEEE 1588v2 clock synchronization (Precision Time Protocol) standard
  • Flexibility in number and type of ports
  • Front or read port arrangement
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet SFP bays and up to 32 Fast Ethernet ports (RJ-45, MT-RJ, ST, SC, LC, LC SM) or up to 24 IEEE 1588 (PTP) ports
  • Digital I/O (managed via SNMP)
  • Layer 3 capabilities (RIP, OSPF & BGP routing protocols)

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