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Service & Repairs

Dewar Service Department

Dewar has a dedicated service team to service any Dewar manufactured products.

When sending back your Dewar product for repair/ upgrade/annual test certification, please print and fill in the “customer authorisation form” (also located in the documents section below) and send back with your device. The service team will contact you with a quote before going ahead with repairs. No product will be repaired unless the quote has been accepted.

Dewar endeavours to return re-calibrated NST’s within 3 days after receiving into store. However, if there is a large backlog of NST’s to be re-calibrated or repaired this may take up to 1 week or longer. Especially if we receive large batches (more than 10) of NST’s back. If you require your NST™ back urgently, please contact the service department.

Dewar Electronics is the only company that can perform accurate upgrades and annual checks on the Dewar NST™ as a specific software is needed to achieve this. Dewar has not released this software to any other company to perform upgrades and checks. 

Please visit the NST™ page for more information on the unit and accessories. 

The Dewar Neutral Supply Tester (NST™)  measures volts, impedance and polarity in relation to the electrical grid supplies connected Active, Neutral and Earth to determine a safe or unsafe condition for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Extra benefits of the NST M1120-V2:

  • Microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy & reliability
  • Testing carried out over 4 Full 50Hz cycles
  • Easy to read 2 line LCD for results
  • Auto lock out for instrument protection if internal reference resistor over heats during repeated testing
  • Withstands accidental connection across 3 phases at 415V
  • High strength plastic enclosure with shatterproof decal that withstands 6M drop
  • Optional Bluetooth downloading capability
  • Optional certified version IP67 case
  • Size— 11cm W, 18.5cm H, 4.5cm D, 431.5g
  • Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Please download brochures for more information. 

Please contact one of our valued distributors if you wish to purchase the NST or accessories.  


Are you aware the Dewar Electronics Pty Ltd can carry out your annual NST certification check?

The certification check confirms that the instrument still meets all design specifications.  At the same time we will upgrade both hardware and firmware if required.  This will be done for a set fee of $185 + GST, including freight. This price takes effect from the 1st August 2023.

Customer Service Authorisation Form

Contact Dewar sales@dewar.com.au for further information.

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