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Auxiliary Tripping Relays

The answer for any tripping application.  

ARTECHE offers a wide range of relays that are specifically designed to be used in circuit breaker tripping applications.  Interface between protection and control equipments and HV and/or MV circuit breakers, eliminating risks in case of internal failure of the circuit breaker. Trip contacts multiplication, to operate directly on the circuit breaker and transmit the corresponding alarms in a minimum time.  ​

Trip and lock-out, with electric or hand reset to avoid accidental closing of circuit breakers associated to power transformers, generators or machines.  The surveillance of the trip circuit, guarantees it is in perfect conditions to allow the trip when it is needed.

General Characteristics of the ARTECHE trip relays:

  • High isolation level between input and output circuit which guarantees that a problem in the circuit breaker will noy cause inseperable damages on the protection system.
  • Fast operating times down to 3 ma, minimizing the impact on the total trip time.
  • High breaking capacity which allows direct operation on highly inductive circuits.
  • Wide range of auxiliary voltage (dvc and vac).
    Easy installation (plug in relays with different installation possibilities).
  • High protection degree (IP40) with transparent cover making them appropriate for tropical and saline environments.

Trip Relays

Instantaneous trip relays, whose contacts change instantaneously from the rest position to the working position when the coil is energized. The contacts return to the rest position when the coil is no longer energized. 

This range includes relays with 2, 4, 8 and 16 contacts, with operating times from 3 ms to 8 ms, depending on the model.

All the relays include a diode in parallel with the coil (see auxiliary relays with over voltage protection characteristics) and comply with the shock and vibration standards, related to the relays with seismic characteristics. 

Trip and Lockout Relays

Trip relays with 2 stable positions for the output contacts. Depending on which coil is energized, the contacts will change from one position to the other. The design of the ARTECHE relays has no consumption in permanence and prevents both coils from being energized simultaneously.

This range includes relays with 3, 4, 8 and 16 contacts with operating times below 10 ms, depending on the model and possibility of manual reset. The position change is made with 2 sets of coils with separated entrances in  BF-3 and BJ-8 with breaking-flame contacts for each set of coils.

Trip Circuit Supervision Relays

For single phase or three phase circuit breakers. Through a small supervision current the whole circuit is supervised, in both positions of the circuit breaker (open or closed).

The correct state of the circuit is shown with a green LED on the front plate of the relay. The output contacts change their position if the relay detects a failure in the continuity of the circuit.

​The single phase trip circuit supervision relay can be manufactured with different LED indicator configurations.

​Refer to selection chart for more detailed information.

Auxiliary Supply Circuit Supervision Relays

Auxiliary relay with four changeover contacts aimed to supervise the failure of trip supply.

Connecting the relay across the trip circuit supply the equipment is normally energized. Faults will occur when the trip voltage is lost so the relay drops off in those cases providing the related signs and alarms. In order to avoid faulty alarms due to instantaneous supply voltage dips, the drop off time of the relay is delayed over 100 ms, so those non-permanent failures of trip supply would not be considered.

Auxiliary supply circuit supervision relays can be manufactured with different LED indicator configuration.

Refer to selection chart for more detailed information.

Latching Relays

ARTECHE latching relays are relays with 2 stable positions for the output contacts. Depending on which coil is energized, the output contacts will change from one position to another. The design of ARTECHE relay allows to have no consumption in performance.
The design, durability and quality of the different alternatives that ARTECHE latching relays can offer (FF range and standard range) make them suitable for high responsibility controls in the Electrical Utilities:

  • Position monitoring of circuit breaker and sectionalizer​
  • Direct operation on MV/HV (circuit breaker, sectionalizer)
  • Position Memory: manual/auto, local/remote
  • Galvanic isolation between the control system and the primary equipment
  • Applications where high speed operation is a must
  • Applications where high breaking capacity is required
  • Tripping and lockout functions
  • Low duty loads control, active digital inputs. FF range.

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