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Test Blocks

ARTECHE’S saTECH TSB test blocks simplify the development of secondary injection testing in any substation automation system.  They make it easier to test, calibrate and monitor the system’s equipment without the need for disconnecting the installation nor handling the system wiring, thus ensuring maximum safety levels for operator users.

A range is available for installing vertically or horizontally, adapting to location needs in the system’s cabinets, and versatility in the selection of each model, making it possible to select the type and characteristic of each pole to fit the specific requirements of each application.

  • 14 circuits with different possible configuration (trips and signals, current, voltages)
  • Safe for the user, who will never have access to live parts during insertion and removal operations.
  • Safe sequence of disconnection when inserting the test plug, disconnecting first the tripping circuits, to avoid unwanted operation, and later current and voltage circuits, short-circuiting CTs before opening the current circuits (Make before break sequence) 
  • Safe sequential removal of the test plug, connecting first VTs and CTs, and using a braking system allowing the relay to stabalize before connecting the tripping circuits.
  • Single Test Plug for all the different variants of Test Blocks.
  • During insertion and removal opertaion there will be no bounces which can cause interruption of the CT circuit. 

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