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Power Meters and Tansducers

Power Meters

The HC6010 is the only model in the range of multifunction Power Quality Meters supplied by Dewar. The range is manufactured in Taiwan by Hsiang Cheng.

Each power meter is an intelligent, compact, electronically advanced and programmable multi-display metering device (mdmd)

This DIN standard power meter can replace many units of conventional, analogue or digital instruments and change-over switches (amp, volt, KVA, KW,PF, KWH, KVarH and FQ) Thus, saving time and costs on wiring and metering needs.

The HC6010 is approved and used in many power substations throughout Australia. ​

The new generation PM2200 series Power Measurement Unit produced by Hsiang Cheng Electric Corp. is a smart grid concept power measurement unit. The appearance of PM2200 series is designed by aluminium metal and uses the latest 32 bits ARMs CPU and 16 bits of 16 synchronized AD channels Converter.

PM2218 can execute conversion of transient value for Vrms, Arms, and progress the rms calculation for synchronized in‐phase measurements. The unit has the capability to connect the device to your PC via RS 485 or connect straight to the SCADA system via MODBUS interface. The PCTools software comes with the PM2218 can be used to visualise/datalog real time power parameters.

​The PM2218 comes with built in functions for measuring voltage, current, power, power factor, energy, frequency, power quality (Harmonic analysis, voltage unbalance, voltage dips, voltage flicker, waveform record) and etc.

  • Power supervision / SCADA systems.
  • Feeder automation / customized.
  • 0.05% high accuracy.
  • Cost saving for 8 feeder transducers.
  • Power quality analysis IEC 61000‐4‐30.
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Voltage dips
  • Voltage unbalance (negative and zero sequence)
  • Voltage flicker △V10
  • Voltage low frequency spectrum (0.5‐5Hz)
  • Software defined for different input system configurations.
  • Waveform capture can be real waveform or rms value.
  • Mapping (32 points in one cycle).


Dewar Electronics have been designing and manufacturing electrical measurement transducers for the power authorities for many years.

Due to on-going demand, we still manufacture in Australia our Model 666 current, Model 679 voltage and Model 706 High Voltage signalling supervision.

The M706 was designed to be used on sites where SILC is installed. It is used to clarify that the signal to turn on the off peak HWS is working correctly.

In conjunction with our range of transducers we also import the well renowned Hsiang Cheng transducers from Taiwan. These are available in metal or plastic cases and include current, voltage, watts, vars, watt/vars, watt hour, var hours, watt/var hours, Power factor, phase angle,
power frequency.

Available in single and three phase.

Hsiang Cheng also has digital meters and process transmitters.

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