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Dewar Electronics is proudly, an Australian owned and operated industrial electronics manufacturer. Specialising in the design & manufacture of Teleprotection equipment and test instruments for the power authorities.


All Dewar products are designed and manufactured by Dewar in Melbourne, Australia.



Dewar is an Australian owned family company, which started its beginnings in 1970. Over these years, Dewar have taken great pride in maintaining the design and manufacture of their products wholly in Australia.

Dewar also distribute a range of quality intelligent devices, switches and power supplies from various sources worldwide.

As a valued customer, you can trust Dewar to meet your product needs through the delivery of quality, reliable products, solutions and services.


Dewar has a dedicated service department to upgrade and repair Dewar manufactured products.

If you have a Dewar piece of equipment that needs upgrading or repair, please download the below form, fill in and send back with your unit.


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