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A simple, robust and cost-effective solution for Protection, Control Monitoring and Communications.

​Individual items can be purchased for installation into existing or locally made instrument panels, OR you can purchase the complete solution of control and relay panels with all configured IEDs installed.

​You choose the easiest option for you.

1) Protection and control Panel for transformer to connect to the grid, including inside:

  • Protection relay for the transformer
  • Backup protection relays for the HV and LV windings of the transformer
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Bay Control Unit

2) IEC61850 Substation Automation System panel, including inside:

  • Substation Gateway
  • Substation HMI (optional)
  • Auxiliary Services System Controller
  • Ethernet Switches
  • GPS Synchronizing Clock

3) In case the system includes metaclad cabinets for MV feeders (case of wind farms) also the protection relays can be supplied or integrated. 

  • Workstaion PC for Local Scada HMI. The embedded Web HMI features the following functions: Databases, Commands, Event management, Alarm management.
  • Integration with DNO SCADA (standard protocols). The options of protocols for integration are the following: 

               – IEC60870-5-101 through RS422
               – DBP3 through RS422
               – IEC60870-5-104 through RJ45 to the substation switch
               – DNP3 through RJ45 to the substation switch

  • Integration with Reactive Compenstaion Equipment
  • Integration with other make equipment that is requested to be in the substation
  • Logic Engineering and Configurations of the SAS
  • Control and Protection Engineering. Document for electric engineering: In-detail Single Line Diagram; Control and Wiring Schemes for the protection, Control and Metering System; Interconnection Diagrams of the protection, Control and Metering System
  • Setting Calculations & Protection Coordination Study
  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Site Acceptance Tests 

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