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Powerline Carrier

Power transmission companies use the high-voltage transmission lines between substations as a communications path for data, protection signals and voice.

Dewar Electronics have been marketing the Dimat range of Powerline Carrier in Australia and New Zealand since 2008. These units are recognised amongst all major energy utilities as the standard in the industry as they are known for their robustness and reliability.

We offer the OPU-1 and OPD-1. The OPU-1 is a combination of the OPC-2 analogue PLC and the OPD-1 digital PLC giving it a number of advantages over traditional PLC.

The two main application areas:

  • Communications link between substations where a fiber-optic connection does not exist or would not be economically viable.
  • A backup system for transmitting protection signals parallel to an installed fiber-optic link over long distances with relatively low data volumes, PLC is still hard to beat in terms of cost-effectiveness.

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