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Power Utilities

The Gravitas Energy Systems are an integrated inverter power system, including inverter, static transfer switch, controller and remote communications interface modules.

1RU high, 48V, 24V, 12V Integrated DC Power system, also available X100 2RU.
Fully integrated, compact system. Unipower have available systems up to X800, 800A DC power plant.

Ultra compact 1U and 2U front ends and rectifiers.
Up to 650 watts with PFC and integral Hot Swap Provision.
Output Voltages:
– 54.4VDC @ 12A / 10.1A / 7.4A
– 48VDC @ 13.5A / 11.5A / 8.3A
– 27.2VDC @ 18.4A / 12.9A
– 24VDC @ 20.8A / 14.7A
– 13.6VDC @ 33.0A / 22.1A
– 12VDC @ 37.5A / 25.0A

Blustreak is a family of high-density, hot swappable, modular front ends and rectifiers, producing up to 2000w O/P power. 8 standard models range from 12VDC to 54.4VDC. They can be stand alone power supplies, or used in a system like the gravitas X-300.

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