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Custom Design & Manufacture

Have you got a design that you need help with?

Have you got an idea that needs designing?

Our engineering team can work with you to design and manufacture your specific requirement. Contact us if you have any new projects that need our assistance. Dewar have the in house capability to modify existing designs.
Have you got a design that needs prototyping or production manufacturing?
​Maybe you have a design already but need some help and need prototyping done or production manufacturing?

Here at Dewar we have a small SMD line which is great for prototypes and small production runs. A lot of the 3rd party assembly manufacturers are only interested in large volume work. This is where Dewar come in handy, we love the smaller jobs and would be happy to chat further about your needs.

Contact us today so we can have a chat about your design and get the manufacturing process underway.

In 2012 Dewar Electronics purchased the company Project Electronics. We continue to manufacture these design-specific industrial controls.

These include: Light dimmers, electronic timers, high voltage power supplies, high amperage battery charges, control systems and enclosures, DC motor controllers and 1 off custom design products.

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