iSocket Power Outage Alarm 

Don’t let a power outage ruin your property!

Learn how to avoid disasters caused by a power outage and get an alert to your phone.

​The iSocket 3G is a smart plug that notifies you of power outages and temperature changes (when fitted with the optional temperature sensor) and when the power is restored on either your smartphone or non-smart phone via the 3G mobile network.

Utilising high-quality Li-on re-chargeable batteries ensures you will receive an outage notification even in the event of a break in the cellular network. The iSocket 3G smart software is able to detect a network break, then sends you an SMS power failure message to your phone. As soon as the message is sent the device will shut down.

When the power is restored the iSocket sends a power restored SMS to your phone.

The battery will be recharged when power is available.

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